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Special Education

The Jordan Special Education Department’s mission is to ensure that all educators engage students with disabilities in high-quality, intentional instruction to ensure growth and personal success.


On Jordan Middle School’s campus we currently offer both In Class Support, and Specialized support for our students.  In class support occurs in the general education classroom.  The frequency and intensity of support is based on the individual need of the student and is determined via the IEP process. 


Specialized support is provided due to the severity of a student’s disability, the student might have to leave the general education environment for a portion of their instructional day to receive very intense and specific instruction related to their IEP goals and objectives.


We have an on campus Speech-Language Pathologist.  The SLP helps students improve their speech and/or language and assists them in becoming more successful in school by improving their listening and speaking skills.  These services are determined on an individual basis by the Admission, Review and Dismissal (ARD) committee.


We provide all of our student’s with a case manager.  The case manager collaborates with the general education teachers to ensure that student’s IEPs are being implemented.  They also work alongside the general education teachers to create accommodations and modifications for the students as needed.


Our Campus Special Education Coordinator assists campus leadership in ensuring students in special education are receiving quality instruction, services, and the accommodations/modifications as specified in each student’s IEP.

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