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Grading Policy

Rayburn Grading Policy 2023-2024

 6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade 
Language Arts40%60%40%60%40%60%
Social Studies50%50%50%50%50%50%
Science20% | 40% Labs40%20% | 40% Labs40%20% | 40% Labs40%

Minor: Daily work/activities, Homework, Extended Practice, Benchmarks, Components of a major paper/project, Labs Major: Major Papers, Projects, Common/Summative Assessments, Skills, Fitness Gram, Quizzes

Minimum number of Major Grades for the six weeks is 3

Notes (As per NISD policy):

  1. Minimum 2 grades posted per subject, each week, by the Monday at 8am of the following week.
  2. Evidence of student learning must be TEKS based (no Kleenex grades/no completion grades). Completion grades do not show mastery of a TEK and should not be utilized in our grading structure.
  3. Teachers shall offer multiple opportunities for students to prove subject mastery. These opportunities include re-teaching and re-testing for mastery of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.
  4. Curriculum Diagnostic Benchmarks(CDBs) cannot fail a person nor are they allowed to be used as a major grade.
  5. A course syllabus with grading policy will be made available to parents both on the website, along with a paper copy that will be sent home by the end of the first week of school.
  6. Late work will be deducted 10% of the total grade per week that the assignment is late. No more than 30% will be deducted, from the final grade earned, due to turning in assignment in late.


Grade Reporting Calendar 2023-2024

Marking PeriodDate Range
1August 28- October 13
2October 16 - December 15
3January 3- March 8
4March 18- June 6



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