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Gifted & Talented

PR: Prerequisite   |   CR: Credit for Course   |   SEM: Semesters   |   LC: Local Credit

*+Independent Study Mentorship (ISM) Honors (11-12) #4920 & #4921

This course is open to eleventh and twelfth grade students

identified for Gifted and Talented services and those who are in honors/Advanced classes. ISM students conduct comprehensive research resulting in an original product or performance. Students pursue an area of special interest under the guidance of a mentor for a full year. At the end of the year, students must do a presentation and product display to an invited audience including a panel of experts from the selected field of study.  Students learn task commitment and time management as prerequisites to completing successful projects. Productive questioning strategies, critical thinking, time management, and techniques for performing high-level research are taught in this course. Students needing to meet the district speech requirement may receive it with this course.

PR: Junior or senior, honors or GT

Personal transportation to mentoring sites;

Honors level work

Application approval required.

SEM: 2 to 4 CR: 1 Credit Per Year


*+GT Leadership 1 Honors # 9060

This Honors course is designed for freshman or sophomore students who are identified for Gifted and Talented services. Students will have an opportunity to study, practice, and develop group and individual leadership and organization skills. Students will receive a hands-on, active learning approach to leadership and organization including college planning, resume writing, decision-making skills, problem-solving techniques, communication skills, human relation skills, and understanding the need for civic responsibility.  Students enrolled in the course will apply these skills in dealing with peers, school administration, and the community. This course is a hands-on, lab-oriented approach to leadership and college preparation. Students may meet the district speech requirement with this course.

PR: Enrollment in GT Program required

SEM: 2 CR: 1 Honors


*+GT Leadership 2 #9068

GT Leadership II is a semester elective class open to all identified 10th and 11th grade students.  In GT Leadership 2 , students will be provided opportunities to focus on their choice of entrepreneurship or service while allowing for global awareness and recognizing the contribution of responsible citizens and leaders through business models or service projects. The goal of this course is to give students an opportunity to practice the professionalism, leadership, and collaborative skills they will need in the post academic world while developing academic skills and learning about the real-world marketplace and community needs.  

PR: Enrollment in GT Program required

SEM: 1 CR: 1/2 Honors