Course Catalog - Physical Education Substitutions

Physical Education Substitutions

PR: Prerequisite   |   CR: Credit for Course   |   SEM: Semesters   |   LC: Local Credit

Athletics (9-12) - (PE Credit)

(Check with counselors for course offerings)

Numerous athletic programs under UIL affiliation are offered for students in the high schools. Students who participate in these UIL sports may earn a maximum of 4 units in P.E. credit in these courses. Since these athletic teams compete with other 6A schools, students must try out for the teams by demonstrating strong ability in the skills needed for field performance.

PR: Tryout


Principles of Dance I (9-12) - (PE Credit)

(Class meets during the regular school day)

Principles of Dance I #5595

Principles of Dance I is designed to introduce students to various mediums of dance, including ballet, modern dance, tap, jazz, musical theatre, and world dance forms. Emphasis is on the development of technical and mind/body coordination skills, physical strength, and creativity. Instruction focuses on training the student to combine and coordinate all the elements of dance performance when set to music. Each course will enhance student confidence, poise, collaborative skills through solo and ensemble performances. Dance students will have multiple opportunities to perform in campus dance recitals, city/state venues, and musicals. No prior dance training is required to enroll in Principles of Dance Level I.

PR: None

SEM: 2 CR: 1 - PE


PE Substitution - 100 minutes of Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity (PE Credit)

For students who meet PE substitution credit of 100 minutes per week of moderate to vigorous physical activity before school and/or after school may be awarded .5 credit of PE as defined for extracurricular activities. The courses in which this rule may be applied are:

Dance Performance Ensemble I #5559

• Dance Performance Ensemble II (Pep) #5560

Dance Performance Ensemble II (Dance) #5561

• Dance Performance Ensemble II (Drill) #5562

Dance Performance Ensemble II (Cheer)#5563

• Ballet I (Brandeis HS only) #5597

• Ballet II (Brandeis HS only) #5598

• Jazz I (Stevens HS only) #5601

• Jazz II (Stevens HS only) #5602

• Modern Dance I (Brennan HS only) #5599

• Modern Dance II (Brennan HS only) #5600

• Hip Hop Dance I (Jay HS only) #5871

• Hip Hop Dance II (Jay HS only) #5872

• Band Flags I #5569

• Band Flags II #5571

• Concert Band I #5577

• Concert Band II #5578

• Symphonic Band I #5575

• Symphonic Band II #5576


JROTC—PE Substitution (9-12)

• Air Force Science I #5621

• Naval Science I #5611

Spirit Teams

Performance/Ensemble I, Pep Squad (9-12) #6839

Performance/Ensemble II, Pep Squad (10-12) #6840

Performance/Ensemble III, Pep Squad (11-12) #6841

Performance/Ensemble IV, Pep Squad (12) #6842

Performance/Ensemble II, Dance Team (10-12) #6844

Performance/Ensemble III, Dance Team (11-12) #6845

Performance/Ensemble IV, Dance Team (12) #6846

Performance/Ensemble II, Drill Team (10-12) #6848

Performance/Ensemble III, Drill Team (11-12) #6849

Performance/Ensemble IV, Drill Team (12) #6850

Performance/Ensemble II, Cheer (10-12) #6852

Performance/Ensemble III, Cheer (11-12) #6853

Performance/Ensemble IV, Cheer (12) #6854

All ten comprehensive high schools provide spirit organizations whose major functions are to serve as spirit, service, and performing groups for their schools. Students must meet eligibility requirements to participate. No prior experience is required to enroll in Pep Squad. Students must tryout for Cheer, Dance & Drill Teams. Participation includes attendance at all designated activities, summer camp, practices, competitions, clinics, and enrollment in the required class. The required class involves a physical education and fine arts equivalent curriculum that includes fitness, leadership skills, beginning to advanced cheer and dance skills, etc. Students taking this course will be awarded one full credit of fine arts along with the .5 PE substitution credit listed above.

PR: Pep Squad - None

PR: Cheer, Dance/Drill Tryout – Tryout