Northside reunited

We are excited to welcome all students back to our campuses

In-Person Learning

  • Full offering of academic programs and course studies

  • Instruction provided without the use of Zoom

  • Wide variety of clubs, extracurricular activities, fine arts, and athletics

  • Socialization with peer group to foster interaction, dialogue, collaboration

  • Support systems in place (counselors, nurses, child nutrition)

  • Improved academic performance and engagement for most students

Virtual Learning

  • Students must meet eligibility criteria (academics, attendance, & behavior)

  • Synchronous learning throughout the school day (must follow the campus schedule)

  • Video camera must be turned on for all classes

  • Limited access to certain programs and course studies

  • Limited access to performing arts and athletic offerings

If you wish to seek a medical waiver or have extenuating circumstances that would prevent in-person learning, visit the NISD Learning Location Application to determine eligibility or contact your home campus for more information.

* View the complete data verification on HAC

* The ability to have Virtual Remote Learning for the 2021-2022 school year is all subject to final State Approval.