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AP/PreAP & Dual Credit

AP/Pre-AP: Course Commitment Northside ISD recognizes the value of student participation in advanced academic coursework and encourages students to graduate from high school with at least one advanced academic course credit such as Advanced Placement. Participation in advanced academic courses is a foundation of college readiness. Choosing Advanced Academics Pre-AP and AP courses are designed to challenge students beyond grade-level academic courses and prepare them for success in future advanced coursework. Students who opt to participate in AP or Pre-AP must successfully complete prerequisite coursework and demonstrate mastery on course-related state-mandated performance assessments prior to enrollment in the course.

Dual Credit: Northwest Vista College’s Dual Credit Program allows eligible high school students to earn college credit for certain high school courses in which they are currently enrolled while completing their high school requirements. In order for students to participate in the program, the high schools must be approved to offer dual credit courses. Dual Credit is different from AP credit.


On-Ramps' innovative dual-enrollment program brings rigorous courses aligned with the high standards and expectations of The University of Texas at Austin . The key benefit of early exposure to postsecondary education is the authentic entry point to college expectations it provides for students and their families. In addition, earning transferable college credit while in high school accelerates degree completion by reducing the costs and impact of student loans and increasing lifetime earning potential. In On-Ramps students learn first-hand all that it takes to succeed in college before they get there.

Campus Commitment The campus commits to advanced academics by communicating the value of advanced coursework, recruiting students with potential for success, encouraging student commitment, and supporting advanced academics instruction.

For more information about these opportunities see your counselor. 

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