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Counseling Program Components

Our guidance and counseling program is a comprehensive developmental program addressing the whole child to maximize academic achievement, social and emotional development, and post-secondary college and career readiness.

Professional school counselors work within 4 key components: responsive services, individual planning, guidance & system support.

Responsive Services

Responsive services are used to help students whose immediate personal concerns or problems put their continued personal-social, career, and/or educational development at risk.

  • Responsive Services includes both individual and small group counseling
  • Small group counseling is an excellent way for students to learn skills, develop self-awareness, practice new behaviors, and better understand how to effectively cope with challenges that life presents. Each group varies based on student and campus need. Students will not be seen in small group counseling without the written permission of a parent or guardian. Sometimes small group counseling isn't the best placement for your teen. If that is the case, we will support your teen through individual counseling for responsive services.
  • Responsive services are available through student self-referral, teacher/administrator referral, and/or parent referral.

Individual Planning

Individual Planning guides students in planning, monitoring, and managing their own career, educational, social, and personal growth.

Through individual planning, students are able to:

  1. Set challenging educational, career, and personal-social goals.
  2. Make plans for achieving short- and long-term goals.
  3. Analyze their strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Assess their current progress to their goals.
  5. Make decisions that reflect their plans.



The Guidance Curriculum component includes skill based lessons designed to help all students develop competence in essential life skills. Guidance lessons are based on student need.

Skill goals include:

  • Intrapersonal Effectiveness
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness
  • Post Secondary Planning and Career Readiness
  • Personal Health and Safety

System Support

This component indirectly services our students. System Support includes: research development, outreach, and professional development.

NISD Counseling Support

Resources and Websites

Search & Connect to Social Care

Search and connect to support. Find financial assistance, food pantries, medical care, and other free or reduced-cost help in your area, anywhere in the US.

988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

We can all help prevent suicide. The 988 Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals in the United States.

Northside Safety

Every student in Northside ISD deserves the highest quality education. Students are offered an education which honors their voice and prepares them to engage, contribute, and succeed.

Vape-Free is the Way to Be!

At Northside ISD we are committed to creating a safe, healthy, and thriving educational environment for all our students. One crucial step toward achieving this is addressing the concerning rise of vaping among our youth. With a new state law set that took effect on September 1, 2023, we're taking proactive measures to ensure our students understand the impact of this legislation.

Northside Threads

The Threads Closet supports Northside families by providing free clothing to students in need who are enrolled in the district.

If you would like to visit the Threads Closet, please contact a Stinson Counselor for a referral. Once a referral is made, an appointment will be scheduled.

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