Student Device Checkout


NISD has worked to ensure that we can provide every student with a Northside device to participate in classwork in the 23-24 school year. By accepting this device, you are acknowledging that your student(s) will provide basic care for the device (as shared in the NISD Technology Loan Agreement) and would otherwise lack a device sufficient to engage in the Northside curriculum.  

If your Stinson student needs to check out a Chromebook, return a device or is having issues with a device that is currently checked out to them, please have them visit the Technology Support Specialist (TSS), Mrs. Morales, in the library at their earliest convenience.

If your preference is that Northside should not provide your child with a device, please visit to decline/opt out of a device.

Stinson will continue to assess charges for any damaged or lost student mobile device chargers. This includes but is not limited to iPad, Chromebook, and laptop chargers. Your student's charger will be distributed to them at the beginning of the school year and must be returned at the end of the school year or if they withdraw from the campus. 

Below you will find best practices to assist your student with maintaining their charger:

  • If they begin to notice that the charger label is peeling or lifting please advice them to see a teacher so they can use tape or replace the label. 
  • If the charger stops working please see a teacher or campus Technology Support Specialist, Mrs. Myra Morales, so they can assist you with a replacement. 
  • Students should not be sharing their charger with their peers. 
  • Students should keep their charger in a safe location to prevent it from being lost or stolen.

If your student does lose their charger, a replacement can be purchased in the front office for $13.00 (CASH ONLY).

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