2nd Grade

Picture of Crayons


Sarah Wondercheck  (Team Leader)

Clarissa Molina

Carol Warwas- Massey




As a second grade team we work collaboratively to challenge students to be independent learners. Our teachers place an emphasis on social and emotional skills, building relationships, and helping 2nd graders grow into the best people they can be. Kids work on having a growth mindset and work collaboratively throughout the year with one another.  We empower students to make connections between their everyday experiences outside of school and relate them to the second grade curriculum.


By the end of second grade, students will read and understand short stories, poems, and nonfiction texts. They will identify the main idea or message and important information in texts and compare similar reading passages. With help and support, students will produce short pieces of writing that stay on topic and include supporting detail.


By the end of second grade, students will be able to count to 1,000 or higher. They will demonstrate an understanding of basic addition and subtraction facts and will solve real-world, multi-digit addition and subtraction problems. Students will connect repeated addition or subtraction to number patterns and solve addition and subtraction number sentences that include unknowns, like letters. They will also learn to identify and describe the characteristics of basic 2D and 3D shapes. Second graders will be able to tell time to the quarter hour, understand a.m. and p.m., measure lengths to the nearest centimeter or inch, and identify coin combinations that add up to any given amount. 


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