3rd Grade

Picture of Crayons


Brittany Paniagua  (Team Leader)

Cristina Machuca

Valerie Cortez



In third grade we strive to build independent thinkers and real-world problem solvers. We encourage students to become productive citizens and lifelong learners. The 3rd Grade Team collaborates with families and students to provide quality, engaging instruction to help students reach their highest potential.

In third grade your child will move beyond “learning to read” and will begin “reading to learn” and will start reading more for pleasure. Your child should enter third grade reading fluently and with comprehension. They will be learning how to use a more formalized writing process of drafting, editing, and publishing. 

In math your child will learn the multiplication tables, how to tell time to the minute, identify, compare and represent fractions.  Learning to solve problems in math is a critical skill, and many of the math standards and tests expect children to be able to reason through problems.  Students are expected to explain how they found the answer.  

Students begin receiving numerical grades in third grade.


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