4th Grade

Picture of Crayons


Briana Alvarado (Team Leader)

Sherri Herb

Anna Nguyen

Meaghan Venturella


Fourth graders continue to grow in responsibility, organizational skills, and independence with history and science becoming graded subjects. Our Fourth Grade teachers work collaboratively to provide rigorous and engaging learning opportunities for our students in all subjects. We support the whole child by implementing social and emotional learning activities. 

It is important that your child enters fourth grade reading at grade level with solid comprehension skills. They will be reading across the curriculum in all subjects and will be expected to have a deep understanding of what they read.  They will work to produce structured writing pieces from various genres such as personal narrative, informational, and poetry.  

In math your child will be adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing large whole numbers. They will also be working to add/subtract decimals, compare decimals and fractions, multiply two-digit numbers by two-digit numbers, divide four-digit numbers by one-digit numbers, and determine the area of two-dimensional shapes.


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