5th Grade

Picture of Crayons


Deborah Villarreal  (Team Leader)

Elizabeth Ghavidel

Ashley Dowling

Patty Dellocono



We are a team of dedicated and caring 5th grade teachers who implement depth and complexity icons and depth of knowledge questioning in all subjects. We strive to ensure that our students are prepared academically and socially for future endeavors.

Fifth graders will read many types of literature and informational material, think critically about what they read, and discuss it with the teacher and other students. Students will work on being able to read and concentrate for long periods of time, read complex text fluently and with good comprehension, and identify the conflict, climax and resolution in a story.  They will write for many different purposes and learn new writing techniques, including making effective transitions, using dialogue to advance the plot and creating a mood, such as suspense.  Students will be able to write an organized, multi-paragraph composition in sequential order with a central idea

In math they will work with fractions, decimals, negative numbers and very large numbers (in the billions). They will also focus on multiplying and dividing multi-digit numbers.  Students will be able to use problem-solving strategies to solve real-world math problems, add/subtract fractions and decimals, identify and describe three-dimensional shapes, find their volumes and surface areas, and use long division to divide large numbers by multi-digit divisors.


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