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Social Studies

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At Wanke Elementary, we focus on expanding the social knowledge of our students through our teachings and learning.  Social Studies is an important content area to our campus.  From understanding our home and community studies in Kindergarten, to our United States history and current events in fifth grade, Social Studies is an integrated studies of multiple fields such as geography, history, and political science.  

We also celebrate and acknowledge various historical events and cultural heritage.  For example, we celebrate Black History Month, Latino Hispanic Heritage Month, and Women’s History Month, to name a few. We want our students to have a good understanding of all cultures in our diverse society.

An example of an historical events we celebrate is Veterans Day.  We ask our students and faculty to submit pictures and information about their family members who are Veterans so we can recognize them and students can gain a stronger appreciation for these service members.  As a campus we host a Veteran’s Day Ceremony to recognize all service members past and present. This is an important tradition at Wanke and we love participating in the ceremony.  


Wanke Elementary knows that Social Studies is a valuable part of our learning and we work hard to develop lessons in the classroom to ensure it is being implemented daily.


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