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Student Handbook

Welcome to EWHS and CCA! This is a school community where students, parents, teachers, and campus administration work together to ensure the success of the community. Earl Warren High School and Construction Careers Academy where students help one another, academics area priority, and community engagement is expected. Our vision is that students will have opportunities to discover their unique abilities, to maximize their full potential, and pursue a successful journey after high school. Our mission is to provide an environment where students can discover their unique abilities while igniting a passion for innovative learning, which leads to success. 

This handbook has been prepared by the Administration of Earl Warren High School and Construction Careers Academy in cooperation with the Superintendent and the Board of Trustees of the Northside Independent School District. It is for your guidance in understanding some basic policies around which your school functions. Please read carefully and abide by these rules and regulations. A comprehensive handbook including academic policies and procedures, acceptable use of the district’s technology resources, district policy and student code of conduct is available online.

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