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3. Core Area Courses


Students will take their core area courses and specialized Education courses entirely at CAST Teach High School.  Advanced coursework opportunities will be available, including Dual Credit and Advanced Placement.  This allows us to embed teaching strategies, engage in cross-curricular projects, and align our work-based experiences across all subjects.  

  • Embedded Teaching Strategies:  This allows us to not only teach the curriculum, but to also infuse lessons on effective instructional practices. During this part of the curriculum, which we like to call “Teacher Moves”,  students will learn how lessons are designed, will provide feedback to their teachers on their strategies, and will co-develop and deliver lessons themselves.
  • Real-World Cross Curricular Projects:  Students will engage in cross-curricular Project Based Learning (PBL), which encourages them to explore real-world problems in their fields of interest, research, design and propose solutions.  The students will help us transform educational practices for the future classroom.
  • Work-Based Experiences:  Students will have the opportunity to learn side-by-side from experts in the field.  In 9th and 10th, students will be exposed to a broad range of career opportunities in education, such as teaching at all levels, counseling, coaching, and library studies.  In 11th and 12th, students will have the option to specialize and focus on specific areas of interest, working side-by-side co-teaching, in internships and through practicums.

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