--CCA Instructors and courses taught--


Course taught by Instructor at CCA:

Robert Gonzalez

Architectural Design I    

Architectural Design II

Practicum in Architectural Design

Jason Paul

Principles of Architecture--Construction Mgt

Construction Management I

Construction Management II

Armando Orta

Principles of Architecture - Electrical & HVAC

Electrical I and HVAC I

Electrical II and HVAC II

Wayne Dixon

Principles of Architecture - Carpentry Carpentry I

Carpentry II

James Lowder

Engineering Design and Presentation I

Engineering Design and Presentation II

Practicum in STEM

Katie Gerlich

Geometry -- In Construction

Pre AP Geometry

John Alvarez

Principles of Architecture - Plumbing, Pipefitting & Welding

Plumbing I, Pipefitting I, & Welding I

Plumbing II, Pipefitting II, & Welding II

Brandy Kloewer

Principles of Construction

Jason Wallace

English 1 - CCA Students (1st year)

Advanced English 1- CCA Students (1st Year)

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