---------Construction Careers Academy (CCA) ----------

Construction Careers Academy (CCA) is the premier magnet school in Northside Independent School District that prepares students for careers in the construction industry.  The mission of CCA “is to provide an advanced and rigorous curriculum with a focus on construction technology, construction management, architectural design, applied engineering and real-world experience that will prepare students for studies in higher education and/or a career in a construction-related industry."

CCA offers a wide variety of opportunities for students.  Whether a student plans to attend a four-year university, get a two-year associate degree, or enter the workforce after high school, CCA will provide them with the skills necessary to achieve their goals.    

While at CCA, students can expect to receive a “top flight” education from one of the most prestigious academies in the state of Texas.  Students will have the opportunity to obtain industry recognized certifications, participate in internships and practicums, earn college credit, and gain valuable skills that are certain to prepare them for the national and global job market.  

Students will have the opportunity to select from one of six core strands i.e. Architecture, Construction Management, Engineering, Carpentry, Electrical/HVAC or Plumbing/Pipefitting/Welding.  The Architectural & Interior Design Strand will provide students the entry level skills needed to face the challenges of obtaining a degree in architecture and interior design.  Students who select the Construction Management Strand will receive the necessary skills to be competitive at the university of their choice with a degree in Construction Management/Science.  The student selecting the Applied Engineering Strand will get the skills needed to challenge any universities' engineering program.  A student selecting Carpentry will be prepared as a generalist to face any challenge/opportunity in the construction field.  A student selecting the Plumbing, Pipefitting & Welding strand will triple major and be prepared to launch a career in either plumbing, pipefitting and/or welding.  Students seeking a career in Electrical and HVAC will select the Electrical and HVAC strand.  Students in this strand will dual major in be prepared for a career of their choice in electrical and HVAC (air conditioning and heating).    

Students who choose to attend CCA are guaranteed a challenging, rigorous and enjoyable education experience.  CCA graduates earn a diploma they will always be proud of and become and alumni of one of the most-recognized schools in Texas. 


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