The NISD fine arts list of  available courses  is considered  a full comprehensive curriculum for students.   District curriculum opportunities include student participation in visual arts, band, choir, dance, mariachi, orchestra, and  theater.  While these courses  involve the majority of students,  enrichment courses include music theater production, music theory, music  history, vocal and jazz ensemble, and a variety of medium- specific courses in visual arts.   Advanced Placement is available in Art History and Music  Theory. Northside is one of only very few districts of substantial size that has established an elementary art and music curriculum to be taught only by certified art and music instructors K-5 on 100% of the district elementary campuses.    

Our campus performances and galleries reflect the excellence in  teaching, the quality of student mastery, and the rigor required for success.  The Fine Arts Department is committed to providing our students and teachers cutting edge environments in which to  differentiate instruction and to participate in venues that serve to enhance learning.   Public performance and gallery initiatives allow our students to grow personally and serve to connect outstanding campus fine art programs to a great city, state, and nation.  World-renown artists, conductors, clinicians, and consultants constantly make meaningful connections to our students in the classroom.  Northside performing ensembles and student art work continue to be recognized at the state and national level.  

Most importantly, we desire that our students have a golden opportunity to create and to imagine what can be…  Regardless of the student’s interest  level to be at an appreciation level, an understanding level, or a mastery level of learning, we teach our students to use the skills that are unique to fine arts to facilitate and to elevate their role as quality citizens, great leaders, incredible problem-solvers, professional artists, and yes, … as lifelong consumers of the arts.


Open document below, to view list of Teachers in each area of the Fine Arts Department at Warren HS.

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