A collage of students putting bird food in a bird feeder, students programing a robot, and students coloring their work.

Social Studies

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In Northside, our concept-based curriculum for Science and Social Studies is interactive, hands-on, engaging, exploratory, and inquiry-based. This curriculum was developed using the required state standards within each content area and is designed to help students explore and learn about the world through observation, investigation, and communication. Students will engage in scientific and engineering practices and will design solutions to real-world problems. In grades K-4, we have created a curriculum that integrates Science and Social Studies standards, along with local story lines. In grade 5, the Science curriculum is a year-long study of general Science content and the Social Studies curriculum surveys the history of the United States.


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Social Studies at Cole ES

Elementary Social Studies' main goal is to enable students to understand, participate in, and make informed decisions about their world while providing them with the foundational skills for productive problem solving and decision making in every aspect of their lives. Social Studies instruction is an expectation in grades PK-5 and is supported by providing PK-5 curriculum based on the TEKS and helping campuses adhere to laws which mandate specific observations of a variety of holidays as well as important groups of people and individuals throughout the year.

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