Partnerships Information

Partnerships Information

The Northside ISD School-Business-Community Partnerships Department seeks to engage businesses, community groups, parents and schools to create winning partnerships in order to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to make positive lifelong personal, social, academic and career choices. While not unique in San Antonio or the state, Northside is the only district in Bexar County where the Partnerships Director is part of the Superintendent’s management team, or Cabinet.

Northside ISD is the largest district in south Texas and home to almost 106,000 students and 14,000 employees. Located in the heart of the most rapidly growing area of Bexar County, there are about 608,000 people living in 210,000 households in NISD.

Partnerships between NISD and the community are designed to be mutually beneficial, customized to meet Partner and campus needs, and increasingly meaningful as long-term relationships are developed. Here are a few guidelines for our Partners:

  1. All Partners must complete an online Partnership Application Form. This form creates an account for Partners to access and manage their information. Submitted applications will be reviewed for approval by the Northside Partnerships Office. If approved, the Partner will be listed on the NISD website.
  2. Partners have the opportunity to offer Partner Perks, or employee discounts and student incentives by following the steps below.
    1. Using the Partnership Application Form, Partners may submit a Partner Perk, which is NISD’s employee discount program.
    2. To submit a student incentive, Partners must work directly with an NISD school. There are certain restrictions for student incentives that do not apply to Partner Perks. All incentives offered to students must be no-strings attached. NISD cannot accept offers with restrictions such as:
      • Buy one, get one free
      • Percent discounts
      • Dine-in only
      • Purchase required
  3.  NISD will not distribute flyers to students or teachers. Instead each campus will determine if it will accept a countertop supply of flyers for their front office.
  4. All Partners, whether a business or community leader, must complete a Background Check Form if they plan to volunteer or mentor at any NISD school. For a business partner, the business owner or individual most likely to interact with a campus or department must fill out a form.

Thank you for your interest in partnering with NISD. For more information please contact the Partnerships Office at (210) 397-8599.

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