Booster Clubs

The Northside Independent School District Athletic Department works diligently with the Northside Booster Association.  The athletic department provides this site to assist with communication between parents/boosters, and the district.  The information below reflects NBA board members as of August 1, 2022. If you have any questions or comments regarding the information found here, please contact an NBA board member.

2023-2024     NBA President                   Carl Israel                   

                      NBA Vice President           Mindy Perrin                     

                      NBA Secretary                   JoAnne Smith        

                      Concessions Coordinator       Kimberly Spencer

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NISD Athletic Trainers

NISD HS Trainers 23-24



Brandeis - Head Trainer Dennis Brown Athletic Training
Brandeis - Assistant Trainer Joshua Cross  
Brennan - Head Trainer Ashlee Anderjeski Sports Medicine
Brennan - Assistant Trainer Shayne Allen  
Clark - Head Trainer Tara Stone Sports Medicine
Clark Assistant Trainer Michael Post  
Harlan - Head Trainer Dyllan Hofmann Athletic Training
Harlan - Assistant Trainer Kaeleen Zeleznak  
Holmes - Head Trainer Kristy Garza Athletic Training
Holmes - Assistant Trainer Trevor Carter  
Jay - Head Trainer Maygen Wray Athletic Training
Jay - Assistant Trainer Christopher Larose  
Marshall - Head Trainer Evelyn Villalobos Sports Medicine
Marshall - Assistant Trainer John Carollo  
O'Connor - Head Trainer Domingo Sifuentes Athletic Training
O'Connor - Assistant Trainer Kali Murrah  
Sotomayor Head Trainer Brittany Garcia  
Sotomayor Assistant Trainer Emily Pena  
Stevens - Head Trainer Cara Marcella Sports Medicine
Stevens - Assistant Trainer Erica Soto  
Taft - Head Trainer Vanessa Reyes Athletic Training
Taft - Assistant Trainer Chassity Gomez  
Warren - Head Trainer Micah Ramos Athletic Training
Warren - Assistant Trainer Stanley Mikolajczyk  
Stadium Kelli Brock  
Stadium Nico DeLaO  
Athletic Trainers Coordinator Paul "P.D." Rost