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Hi my name is Mrs. Edison and I am the new K-5 Stem lab teacher! I have been in education for over 8 years. I have taught math & science in grades 4-8. I was also a regional championship winning robotics coach for the 2018-2019 season. I am originally from Sugarland Texas and have recently moved from the Austin area to San Antonio. I have a bachelors of Science degree with an emphasis in Health education and Psychology from the University of Houston. My favorite things are Coffee, Football & Sloths! I am beyond excited to be here at Ellison! Go BEES!!!

My educational philosophy:

In my class I do my best to meet the individual needs of each student. My ultimate goal is to make sure to create a safe and welcoming environment in the classroom to which all students feel safe to learn and grow, because ALL students CAN learn! The goal of stem is to make sure that I am teaching student "soft skills" such as problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, emotional intelligence and collaboration. I am emphasizing the engineering and design process which teaches students to think, design, test and modify there work. This creates an atmosphere to know that failure is just a small setback towards success or what I like to call learning to fail gracefully. In the stem lab learners are able to use their creative skills to work through issues and obstacles in a group setting while learning how to communicate effectively to other students.

What is S.T.E.M.?

In the Stem lab your child will experience all of these areas on a weekly basis. The goal is to expose students at Ellison at an early age and try to prepare them for careers that have not even been created yet! Here at Ellison we believe in educating the whole child and exposing them to experiences that will make them life long learners. 

Our school is participating in a pilot program along with 11 other schools to replace what was computer rotation with a STEM Discovery Time experience. The student goals for the program are:

To improve the student experience in school through Discovery Time

  • Develop 21st century learning skills
  • Develop grit
  • Develop digital citizenship
  • Develop skills that will be used beyond the STEM lab
  • Develop connections for students to potential STEM careers and fields
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