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Our goal is to develop students' conceptual understanding, computational fluency, analytical thinking, and reasoning through problem solving. We strive to support an instructional environment where students are engaged through hands-on instruction in a Math Workshop Framework, involving data-driven recursive review, differentiated small group instruction, independent math workstations, and group reflection to develop self regulated learners.


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Mathematics at Elrod

Here at Elrod, we embrace each child’s mathematical disposition and try our best to steer them toward knowing and believing that math IS truly a language that all can speak. We present our students with rigorous curriculum and teach each concept through a research-based learning cycle. In order to build conceptual understanding, we present new concepts concretely, pictorially, and lastly abstractly. We celebrate each other's successes and work together through our mathematical needs by offering enrichment as well as remediation to those who need it. Our growth mindset spreads across all grade levels to every parent, every teacher, and every student each year!  

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