green screen set up, kid holding a paper plane and safety patrols team



Dr. Perfecto
Meeting Time & Location
Room F104, 7:30 a.m. daily

The CGTV News Crew is responsible for delivering daily news to the whole school. It is made up of 4th and 5th graders. They learn all aspects of the news including running the camera, being an anchor, and getting the news ready to be delivered on a daily basis.

Mrs. Myrick and Mrs. Huffaker

Flight Club is an after-school science enrichment program for kindergarten and first grade students.Students will build engineering skills as they work individually to design, test, and modify four tools that interact with air: kites, parachutes, paper airplanes, and simple rockets. Students will learn about the basic principles of flight and design when creating each of these tools.

Melanie Jaime

Our safety patrol students are 5th graders who have demonstrated leadership, citizenship, and kindness qualities. They help to keep other students safe by opening car doors, walking younger students to class, helping the office staff, and assisting with special events.  These students volunteer 45 minutes each day to help Colby Glass.

Jacque-lene Dickerson-Jackson

The Northside Elementary STEM program provides K-5 students with engaging learning experiences that promote critical thinking skills, collaboration, communication and creativity through a STEM lab environment.

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