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Attendance Secretary:  Jessica San Miguel

Contact number:  210-397-8358

Absences and Tardies: 

Notes regarding an excuse for an absence will need to be submitted within three days of the absence(s).

  • A note is required for any absence.
  • A parent note (when a student doesn't go to the Doctor) and a Doctor note when they do go.
  • There are only 3 parent notes allowed per semester.

After 9:00 am the student is considered absent. If a student comes in after 9am with a Dr. note that absence becomes a health absence and excused.

Please be advised

If a student is absent without an excuse for 3 or more days within a semester an Attendance Warning Notice will be issued (AWN).

  • Once an AWN has been issued, only notes from a medical provider will be accepted to excuse the absence. Notes from parents/guardians will no longer be accepted.

For further explanation of attendance, refer to your Student/Parent Handbook.

After the 7:45 bell the student is considered tardy.  

Notes may be submitted by:

Dropping off the note in person to the Attendance Office or giving the note to the teacher. 

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