Beginning Band

The Jefferson Middle School Beginning Band is for any student who has never played an instrument before, does not meet the requirements to perform in one of our three advanced bands, or is learning a second instrument along with another band instrument. Beginning Band meets in separate instrument classes throughout the day. On Average 150 students start beginning band each year at Jefferson. The goal of Beginning Band is to have all students learn the fundamentals of playing their band instrument with the best possible skills. Beginning band students prepare and perform as they learn. Beginning Band participates in all the fun band events like Fall Festival, Dave & Busters and Band Social times! At the end of their Beginning Band year the students that continue in band are evaluated and placed in an advanced band based on their skill level. 


Advanced Bands

Jefferson Middle School is fortunate to have 3 Advanced bands: Concert Band, Symphonic Band, and Honor Band. Each of these bands consists of students who have played for a minimum of 1 year on their music instrument. All three bands get to compete and perform throughout the year. Students are placed in one of the 3 bands based on ability and instrumentation and receive an invitation from their directors indicating if they should sign up for Intermediate or Advanced band. These bands are our “showcase” bands that perform for events and share music with our community on a regular basis!


Band Cultural Ensemble

The goal of Cultural Ensemble 1 is to offer a “non-traditional” music course of study to our music students. Here at Jefferson our Band Cultural Ensemble 1 is a world music class set to explore music traditions and cultures around the world. Students will read, write, and perform on traditional instruments music from Africa, India, Asian Cultures, Latin Cultures, and many more! 

Jazz Band

Our JMS Jazz is made up of 7th & 8th grade students and meets during the school day. All students in the JMS Jazz must meet music skill requirements,  be in good academic standing during their previous year, and complete an audition or have director approval to participate. Students in Jazz Band 1 must be concurrently enrolled in an advanced band or orchestra course. Jazz Band 1 consists of traditional jazz instruments: saxophones, trumpets, trombones, guitars, bass, piano, and drum set but also non-traditional instruments are invited to explore Jazz as well! The JMS Jazz performs throughout the year for a variety of events and competitions.



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