Two boys working on a school worksheet

Discovery Time


In art class at Krueger Elementary, students expand their creativity while practicing fine motor skills. Students use various mediums throughout the year to design art pieces inspired by famous artists as well as pieces from their own imaginations.  Some of the instruction in art class includes: painting, drawing with mixed media, weaving, printmaking, 3-D sculptural forms, and clay to create ceramics. Students are also exposed to various cultures and their visual arts to help promote cultural awareness. 

Music Discovery:

Students in K-5 sing, dance, play and create using fundamentals of music. Each year the children's experiences grow through many opportunities with different genres, cultures, and instruments. 

Physical Education:

Our Physical Education program looks to meet the needs of all students both mentally and physically. We positively challenge each student’s ability while focusing on the fundamentals of building diverse students at Krueger Elementary.

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