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5th Grade

5th Grade

Welcome to 5th Grade

Welcome to the Leon Valley 5th Grade website page! Here you will find information about what incoming Leon Valley 5th graders can expect to learn, achieve and strive to get ready for middle school. Below we have included the parent compact that we give our parents of our students when they come to Leon Valley. These compacts give more information about the campus and what 5th graders can expect during the school year. As always, please do not hesitate to contact your child's teacher or the front office for any questions you may have. We are excited to see your future Lion on campus!


We are committed to fostering a love of Reading in all students. We meet our students where they are and help them utilize communication strategies to build effective  reading and writing skills, increase stamina, and gain confidence in themselves. Our ultimate goal is that every student will have shown growth in their reading abilities by the end of the school year. We also strive to have students read at Level V or higher.


We are dedicated to making learning relevant so that our students are able to make real world connections and transfer their learning. Students will work towards solving multi-step word problems involving all operations and be able to recall multiplication and division facts with fluency and accuracy. 


We are devoted to developing an awareness of the connections within our history and the world in which we live. Students will have opportunities to investigate and observe using technology and hands-on lab experiences. Our goal is to cultivate curiosity and create problem solvers and critical thinkers. 

Below you will find our parent compact in both English and Spanish. For additional information about the school and 5th grade, please look at the compact. 


5th Grade Parent Compact

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