Student's listening to teacher read a book during Library Night.


Library Mission: To instill the love of reading by providing academic and pleasure reading opportunities through print, electronic, and other resources for students, teachers, instructional assistants, administration, and school community members.  The learning environment will support all patrons by maintaining a welcoming, nurturing, safe, and fun atmosphere where needs and differences are met. Collaboration with patrons to strive to meet the needs of demands of 21st century learning through adequate resources and teachings.

Library Vision:  To empower patrons to become skillful researchers through the use of critical thinking skills.  All patrons will have freedom to access information to meet the needs of the diverse formal/informal learning needs.

Library Goals:  1. Maintain/develop a balanced, substantial, and accessible print/non-print collection for all patrons to acquire literacy skills that supports/enriches learning. 2.  To inspire learning, creativity, and research skills for pleasure and academic needs.


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Shu-Fen (Melissa) Eversole, Librarian

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