Acedemics around campus

Advanced Academics


  • Dual Credit and Advanced Placement classes are open to all eligible Marshall/LMS students, check with your counselor.
  • Credit from AP and Dual transfer to schools both in and outside of Texas.
  • Visit your intended university's website to check for transfer eligibility.
  • To check Advanced courses Equivalency to other colleges visit the Texas Common Course Numbering System website
  • Find the equivalent college course number for the courses offered through Marshall.

Advanced Placement

All AP courses are taught at a college level - the course does not give automatic college credit.

Visit the Collegeboard's AP Students webpage to learn more about this program. 

Steps to Register for AP Exam

  • Student Must Register for each AP class
  • Get class code from teacher
  • A different code for each class 
  • Student must enter or create a collegeboard account to register
  • Use an accessible email - All correspondence will be through this email

Student Must Pay for Exam by November 1st.

  • Payment is made through 
  • There is a $40 late fee after payment deadline
  • Fees are non-refundable.
  • If student does not take the test - no refund of fee
  • If student cancels test after payment - no refund of fee

Expectation for AP students

  • If a student is in an AP course, there is an expectation the AP exam will be taken. 
  • Credit is obtained when colleges accept exam scores

The AP Exam Calendar is available online.

All AP Exams will be offered on campus.

Dual Credit

Northwest Vista and St.Philip's Colleges have strict deadlines that students must meet to be eligible to take a Dual Credit Class.  

On-Ramps is through the University of Texas at Austin.  Marshall students are eligible with Course Instructor approval, no steps to complete.  

Northwest Vista College - All Academics & St. Philip's College - Culinary Arts

 To Be Eligible - All 4 steps below must be completed by the deadline:

Step One - Complete a Apply Texas Application

Step Two - Download Completed Consent Form - Please see below.
Consent form can be turned in to teacher, or uploaded in Module 3  for Northwest Vista students.

Step Three - All 3 Modules must be completed. Follow all steps below:

Step Four - Register for the TSI test 

Payment made through

Modules Completion:

First you must create your account:

  1. Log into Northwest Vista College ( or St.Philip's College (

  2. Click on Menu (to the right)

  3. Click on "ACES Login

  4. Type in your username (emailed to you by Alamo Colleges or check with Ms. Blackwell in F210)

  5. Type in your password as follows:

  6. Password: In Capital Letter, the first 2 letters of your last name, then your DOB (2 numbers for month, 2 numbers for date, 2 numbers for year)   Example: John Smith with DOB Jan 2, 1999 - SM010299

  7. You will be prompted to create a new password - follow the instructions

Go FAARR Module (Module 1):

  1. Click "Start Here" in the black box on left.

  2. In the middle, towards the bottom, find Enrollment Checklist.  Click on Number 2, "Go FAARR Module".

  3. Once in this module, click on "next" Read all information continue with next.

  4. You will continue clicking next until you submit.

  5. You will be taken back to Dashboard.  Next click on Test Prep Review Module.

Test Prep Review Module (Module 2):

1. This module will take you through all the questions, and examples of what is on the TSI, the test that is mandatory for Dual Credit and  qualifies you as College Ready.

  • Submit, then return to the Dashboard.
  • Check to make sure both 2 and 3 under "enrollment checklist" are complete.

2. Click on Home.

3. Make sure you write down your username, banner id and password.

Dual Credit Orientation (Module 3):  Do not do this Module for St.Philips College

  1. Click "Home" in the black box to the left.

  2. Right hand side click on Canvas Icon

  3. Click Accept, you will be transferred to the canvas page.

  4. At the top click Accept the DCSO.

  5. Read through the information to upload your signed consent form.

  6. Click on the 2nd title, "High School Program Acknowledgment form"

  7. Click "take quiz" - fill out, you will need your Banner ID, Submit, go down click next.

  8. Continue through module until you reach the graduation hat, "We Did It."

  9. At the top of the screen, above address line, click the tab "Alamo Home"

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