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JROTC (Naval Science)

Welcome to the John Marshall High School Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC).  It is shaping up to be a great year. The unit is up to 178 cadets and they are motivated! The cadets are learning very quickly. 

If you were wondering about NJROTC but weren't sure, give us a try. Give us one semester and see if you like it. Most students will find that they like it. NJROTC is a melting pot of many different backgrounds, cultures, and personalities. There is a place for everyone here. Just talk to our cadets, you'll see them around on campus during Prep Days, Freshman Kickoff, and during school. If you find that NJROTC is not your cup of tea, we have a great relationship with the counselors and we will help you find an alternative...something you will harm, no foul. High School is about discovery. Try different clubs and organizations and see what works for you. But, PARTICIPATE! Participate in your high school career and you will find yourself in your senior year wondering where the other three years went. We are always here, whether you are a cadet or not, if you have any questions about military careers, etc. We are here for the Rams, not just for the cadets.


Navy JROTC (Naval Science) Webpage

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Navy JROTC Calendar of Events

Feel free to contact us with any questions about the program.
I recommend that you use our email addresses as the best way to contact us. 

Lieutenant Commander Adan Nieto


Master Chief Edward Smith


1st Sgt Brody Goldthwaite



About the Instructors

The instructors at Marshall NJROTC are all retired Navy. They come from diverse backgrounds in and out of the Navy.

LIEUTENANT COMMANDER NIETO - Was a prior enlisted Electrician's Mate for the first 11 years in the Navy and was commissioned as a Surface Warfare Officer for 15 years. He served on seven ships, making seven deployments.  He retired in 2005 and has been teaching NJROTC since his retirement from active duty.

MASTER CHIEF SMITH - Was a Torpedoman onboard Navy Submarines for 24 years. He served in several submarines and on several staffs. He retired as the Force Torpedoman for the Atlantic Fleet.

FIRST SERGEANT GOLDTHWAITE -  Recently retired from the United States Marine Corps having completed over 20 years of service.  He enlisted upon graduation from high school and was assigned the MOS of Signals Intelligence Communicator.  He served as Drill Instructor at MCRD San Diego and as the Assistant Marine Officer Instructor at the University of Kansas, responsible for the development and readiness of future enlisted and officer Marines.  He has deployed multiple times throughout the globe and has been attached to various units in all aspects of the Marine Air Ground Task Force.

You can see that there is  70 years of experience working with young Sailors and Marines. All this experience helps guide our cadets through the tough four years of high school and assists with coaching them on searching out their way to the future in a team effort with Parents/Guardians, School, and Student. 

Our goal is to give the cadets some skills that put them just a few steps ahead of their competition coming out of high school. When a young person can confidently stand up, step forward and take charge/lead, they have placed themselves in a position for whatever endeavor they choose.


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