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Guidance Counseling

Welcome to the John Marshall High School Counseling Department Webpage!  

 The Home of the fighting Rams!

Our office hours are Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. during the school year.

Your child(ren) will be assigned to a counselor based on their last name, unless your student is a Law & Medical Services student, then he/she will be assigned to the LMS counselor.

Meet the Teacher Night/Join PTSA:  Sept 22, 2021

Please join us for Meet the Teacher Night/PTSA Night.  It will be held on Wednesday, Sept 22nd at 6:00 p.m.  It will be an informative evening of meeting Marshall staff and join PTSA to help support our awesome school community!


Senior Individual Planning Sessions:  Sept 13th - Sept 17th, 2021

The counselors will be conducting Senior Individual Planning Sessions with all seniors during the week of September 13th - September 17th through their English IV classes.

Each counselor will meet with each student individually to discuss their credits, review transcripts, and give out SAT & ACT test dates.  They will also give information on college resources that are available in the College Cafe and discuss each student's post-secondary plans.

Important Counseling Update:


An important note from the Counseling Department regarding student schedules in HAC. We are aware that students are able to view their schedules in HAC. However, those schedules are not necessarily going to be the same on the first day of school.

Necessary Corrections:

We are currently working on Master Schedule changes, and the current schedule in HAC may change. In addition, schedule changes were due in the Counseling Office on June 11th. Therefore, the only schedule changes that will be made are schedule corrections, such as, a student should be in English 1, but has English 2 on their schedule, or is missing a lunch period.


The counseling office has been receiving quite a few phone calls regarding student’s assigned lunch period. For the most part, lunch periods are assigned by grade level: 4th period lunch is for 9th graders, 5th period Lunch is for 10th graders and 6th period Lunch is for 11th & 12 grade students. However, a student’s schedule could affect that lunch schedule. For instance, a 10th grade student’s athletic period may be in 3rd period, therefore, their lunch period would be 4th period to allow more time for that student’s practice, opportunity to change clothes, and eat lunch.

Schedule an Appointment:

At this time, counselors are registering new students on a daily basis, and are not available for drop in appointments. Please contact them by phone or email, your counselor’s contact information can be found attached below. 

2021 - 2022 New Student Registration:

All students new to the NISD District (Private, Charter and Homeschooling students) will need to register online. Please download all required documentation by the time of appointment. After completing the online submission, please call Registrar's Office at 210.397.7138 for confirmation and to make an appointment.



Enrollment Information for Students entering John Marshall High School for the first time:

To expedite your enrollment into John Marshall High School, you will need ALL of the documentation listed downloaded. Parent AND student need to be present.

* Student Birth Certificate (Passport may be used). We cannot accept hospital issued birth certificates or baptismal certificates.

* Social Security Card (if applicable)

* Immunization Records (must be current)

* Proof of Residence (Utility, Water, Lease or Land Line Phone Bill).  NO DISCONNECTION NOTICES WILL BE ACCEPTED.

* If living with another family in the John Marshall High School area, a notarized "Affidavit of Residence" must be provided, along with Residences' Proof of Residence, and a copy of their photo ID. Student 18 years of age and older and not living with a biological parent must complete this form in lieu of a "Power of Attorney".

* Withdrawal papers from previous school if enrolling during the school year.

* 11th and 12th graders must provide an unofficial transcript.

* The student must be enrolled by the person(s) listed on the student's birth certificate, a guardian assigned by the legal system or approved by NISD Pupil Personnel at 210.397.8695.

* If you are transferring from another NISD school, you will only need Proof of Residence, withdrawal papers and photo ID.


Contact Information:


8000 Lobo Lane

San Antonio, Texas 78240

Office: 210.397.7138

Fax: 210.706.7175

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