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Parent and Family Engagement

What is a Liaison and their role?


In short, a liaison is the connection between parents and the school. Providing as many resources to our families as possible, from rental assistance to food and clothing shelters; building relationships with students, parents, and vendors in the community, and working with each other for the advancement of all. Further, providing a safe place for parents to share concerns and suggestions regarding their child’s success in school, home, and community.

Mrs. Arleen Donoho

Image of Ms. Donoho

My Goals:

To Motivate every student and their families to achieve greatness.

To Create an atmosphere that is welcoming to our parents, families as a whole, and the community. 

To Promote family engagement in our school while providing resources and/or the tools to do so as often as possible. 

To Gather information and resources from our community vendors that will assist each family’s needs in their day-to-day lives. 

To Celebrate ALL accomplishments of our teachers, students, families, and community!

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