Art Student Hands Creating Letter 'F' from Paper Mache

STEM Sister's

Laura Zamora & Danielle Cruz
Meeting Time/Location
8 Meetings, Wednesday 3:00 - 4:00 , February 5th - April 1st

Research has shown boys and girls are equal in abilities but do differ in interest and confidence within STEM fields. Girls and boys take same classes in high school and do well, have similar rates in bio sciences, but far fewer women go into science and engineering, mathematics, and technology. (Perez-Felkner, 2017). 

We created STEM Sisters' because we believe there is a lower self-efficacy in females with STEM fields.

Perhaps by isolating girls, we can nurture enthusiasm and confidence for STEM fields.  The way we model the STEM Sisters club is by incorporated girl themes into our meeting  atmosphere and activities. We use researched based Engineering in Elementary Curriculum.

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