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Advanced Academics


Advanced Academics includes Advanced Placement (AP) classes, Dual Credit classes, UT OnRamps classes, and the Alamo Academies. Some of these classes and programs require an application process for students to qualify. 

Dual Credit students are simultaneously enrolled in their high school classes while also taking college classes through one of the Alamo Colleges. Most, although not all, Dual Credit classes are offered on campus and stacked with AP and Advanced classes so students can take advantage of the AP program as well. Dual Credit students earn college credit by completing their courses with a C average or higher. This credit is transferable to Texas public college/universities and some private.

Please reach out to the Academic Dean and/or Student Success Advisor with any questions about Advanced Academics.

  • Jennifer Bishop, Academic Dean (
  • Melanie Leija, Student Success Advisor (

It's been another tough year. But the finish line is in sight. As your students prepare for their upcoming AP® Exam, remind them that:

No matter what their scores are, students who take an AP course and exam show colleges they've persisted through challenging coursework. 

Building confidence starts with self-care and preparation. Here are six tips for students as they prepare for their AP Exam.

Utilizing the free resources in AP Classroom can help them check their understanding and get quick feedback on their areas of strength and where they need more practice.

AP Daily: Live Review

Connect students with live review sessions as they practice for their upcoming AP Exams. This year's live review, from April 18–28, is all new and includes Q&As. Watch live on our YouTube channel or the recordings in AP Classroom. Share this schedule (.pdf/85 KB) with your students. Sincerely, Advanced Placement Program

Leija Office Hours

Advanced Placement (AP) classes are challenging classes designed to prepare students for college. Students do not earn college credit by taking AP classes; they must earn a 3, 4 or 5 on the AP exam to earn college credit.

Qualifying AP Exam Scores are generally accepted at colleges/universities nationwide. Use AP Credit Policy to see what your colleges will accept.

AP Tests are paid for in MYSCHOOLBUCKS program.  Each exam is $25.00 or $10.00 if you qualify for the reduced lunch program. 

OnRamps students are simultaneously enrolled in their high school classes while also taking college classes through UT Austin.

The high school teacher is responsible for evaluating and awarding the student's high school grade. The college instructor is responsible for evaluating and awarding the student's college grade.

Based on the grade received in the college course, students can accept college credit transferable to Texas public colleges/universities.

Dual Credit


Did you know that taking Dual Credit courses in high school can save you time and money. 

Approximate cost per course:

UT: $1200

UTSA: $1100

TAMU: $1300

TX ST: $1250

TTU: $1300

In the Dual Credit program, you have the opportunity to take multiple college courses that can help you towards your college graduation requirements. 


What do you need to do?

1. Complete the Apply Texas Application by 3-4-22

2. Create login for ACES account

3. Complete modules and student orientation in ACES 

4. Submit parent consent form 

5. Submit qualifying TSI test scores 


If your student is currently enrolled in a Dual Credit Course you do not need to re-apply.  You do need to complete the Dual Credit Interest Form and retake any portions of the TSI that were not previously passed. 



Dual Credit Courses Available at O'Connor

Be aware that some of these classes do require a prerequisite.

Click Here to see how these credits will transfer to any Texas school





Biology AP/D

BIOL 1406 and BIOL 1407

NWV College


Environmental Science AP/D

BIOL 2406

NWV College


English 3 AP/D

ENGL 1301 and ENGL 1302

NWV College


Eng 4 H/D

ENGL 1301 and ENGL 1302

NWV College


English 4 AP/D

ENGL 2332 and ENGL 2333

NWV College


ISM College Algebra H/D

MATH 1414

NWV College


Adv Pre-Calculus D

MATH 1414 and 2412

NWV College


Calculus AB AP/D

MATH 2413

NWV College


Calculus BC AP/D

MATH 2413 and 2414

NWV College


World History AP/D

HIST 2321 and HIST 2322

NWV College


US History AP/D

HIST 1301 and HIST 1302

NWV College


Pharmacology D

PHRA 1301

**NWV College**


Medical Terminology D

HITT 1305

**NWV College**


Law & Public Safety D

CRIJ 1301

**NWV College**


Court Systems & Practices D

CRIJ 1306

**NWV College**


Advanced Plant & Soil D

AGRI 1315/1307

Palo Alto College

3 - 6

Floral Design D

FMKT 1301

Palo Alto College


Adv Floral Design D

FMKT 2331

Palo Alto College


Wildlife Fish & Eco D

AGRI 2330

Palo Alto College


Child Guidance D

CDEC 1319

San Antonio College


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Alamo Academies is a two year Dual Credit program offered through the Alamo Colleges. Only 10th grade students can apply and should plan to stay with the program for the duration of 11th-12th grades.

There are 5 different programs offered with multiple degree paths as well as the opportunity for a paid summer internship. The programs are offered FREE of charge but equivalent to a $12,000 college scholarship.

*Application and qualifying test scores required to enroll in Alamo Academies.


UPDATED Dual Credit - TSI Information 2021-2022 

Upcoming Dates: 

  • Friday, April 8, 2022 from 9-1
  • Saturday, April 9, 2022 from 9-1
  • Wednesday, April 20, 2022 from 1-4 (LAST DAY TO TEST)
  • Saturday, April 23, 2022 from 9-1 (ONLY FOR RETESTERS)


*Note - Dates are subject to change as needed. 



● $14.00 per testing session (including retest) 

● Please register with Mrs. Leija and pay for the TSI in advance so we can plan accordingly. Students can pay online using MySchoolBucks or pay with cash/check-in B102 during lunch. 

● TSI Registration Link for Students 

Email if you have any questions. 

Testing Procedures and Safety Measures: 

● We selected testing dates and times when very few students would be on campus. 

● Students should complete the NISD online health screening before arrival and show the administrator a green screen. Students will also be required to wear a mask at all times. 

● Testing will be administered in G110 and G113 (language labs in G bldg). We can accommodate up to 27 students per lab with social distancing. ● Students will put their phones and other personal devices in a safe location while testing. 

● Our testing session will run for 3 hours; the administrator will communicate with individual students if they need more time. 

● Students will receive a score report once they finish; the administrator will explain the scores and answer any questions at that time.

ACCUPLACER Student Portal: 

● Use these resources to prepare for your upcoming TSI Assessment 

TSIA 2 Items and Benchmark (updated Jan 2021): 

English Language Arts and Reading (ELAR) Section - 30 items ○ Students not meeting the college readiness for this section will be directed to a diagnostic assessment - 48 items 

○ Essay - Persuasive (350-600 words)

Passing Passing Not Passing

ELAR= 945 or higher

Essay= Level 5 or highter

ELAR= Lower than 945

Diagnostic=Level 5 or higher

Essay= 5 or higher

ELAR=Lower than 945

Diagnostic= Level lower than 5

Essay= Lower than 5


Mathematics (MATH) Section - 20 items 

○ Students not meeting the college readiness for this section will be directed to a diagnostic assessment - 48 items

Passing Passing Not Passing
MATH= 950 or higher

MATH= Lower than 950

Diagnostic= Level 6 or higher

MATH= Lower than 950

Diagnostic= Level lower than 6 


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