Pease Vision Statement

English and Language Arts

The Middle School ELA Vision states that every day, in every MS ELA classroom, every learner will experience opportunities to develop lifelong literacy and critical thinking skills in an engaging environment that fosters respect, choice, and collaboration.

The ELA classroom challenges students to read, write, speak, listen, and think every day!

Our classrooms strive to create a culture of literacy where students have choice in what they read, have access to diverse books and are encouraged to increase their volume of reading.

Writing is integrated with reading through micro-writing tasks. Students have choice in order to create authentic pieces that focus on the process over the product.

Through structured conversation, students share their learning verbally with their peers by utilizing academic language.

Critical thinking occurs in the classroom when students can relate to what they've read - making connections to other texts, to themselves and to the world around them. To prove their thinking, students support their responses with text evidence.

We are ELA Reunited - Back To The Basics!

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