Attendance Office Hours

7:50 am - 4:10 pm 

Checkout cut-off time 3:30 pm 

(These times will vary based on testing days and early release days)


Michelle Vela     (210) 397-2168

Contact Form

For a change of address please email proof of residency to attendance, along with a copy of parent/guardian photo ID.

  • Acceptable forms for Proof of Residency: CPS, SAWS or a trash bill (dated within the past 30 days) 
  • Bill must be the first full-page showing usage at the new address

All students must have a parent/guardian/emergency contact come to the front office with a photo ID to check the student out.

Parent/Medical notes must be turned in within 3 days of absence and the student's ID number must be written on the excuse along with periods missed. 

All notes can be brought to the attendance office

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