Course Catalog - Plant Science

Agricultural Science & Technology Academy

Plant Science

Business & Industry Endorsement

PR: Prerequisite   |   CR: Credit for Course   |   SEM: Semesters   |   LC: Local Credit

(It is recommended students follow the program of study sequence level 1-4 as outlined by TEA.)


Principles of Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources M (9-10) #8050

Principles of Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources M Honors (9-10) #8065

Students develop knowledge and skills regarding career opportunities, personal development, globalization, industry standards, details, practices, and expectations in agriculture, food, and natural resource

SEM: 2 CR: 1


Horticulture Science M (10-12) #8059

Students will gain an understanding of common horticultural management practices as they relate to food and ornamental plant production. Students will develop knowledge and skills regarding career opportunities in horticulture, including entry requirements, and industry expectations.

SEM: 2 CR: 1


Floral Design M (10-12) #8057

Floral Design D (10-12) #8047

This course develops students’ ability to identify and demonstrate the principles and techniques related to floral design and develop an understanding of the management of floral enterprises.

SEM: 2 CR: 1


Advanced Plant & Soil Science M (11-12) #8060

Advanced Plant & Soil Science Dual (11-12) #8067

Students in Plant and Soil Science will conduct investigations, laboratory practices, and field exercises to develop an understanding of current plant and soil science. Students will be prepared for careers in the food and fiber industry.

SEM: 2 Science CR: 1


Advanced Floral Design M (11-12) #8068

Advanced Floral Design Dual (11-12) #8046

Students build on the knowledge from the Floral Design course and are introduced to more advanced floral design concepts, with an emphasis on specialty design and specific occasion planning.

SEM: 2 Science CR: 1


Practicum in Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources - Plant Science M (12) #8068

This is a capstone experience for students participating in a coherent sequence of the Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources cluster. Students apply knowledge and skills in real world situations such as employment, independent study, internships, assistantships, mentorships, or laboratories.

PR: A minimum of one credit from the courses in the AGNR Career Cluster.

SEM: 2 CR: 2