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Social Studies

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Welcome to the Social Studies Department of Earl Warren High School.  We are excited about sharing our enthusiasm for social studies with you this year!  


Required Courses:

*9th Grade - Geography OR Pre-AP Geography OR AP Human Geography

10th Grade - World History, Pre-AP World History, OR AP World History

**11th Grade - US History OR AP/Dual US History

12th Grade - Government OR AP Government, Economics OR AP Macroeconomics

*Please see your counselor about specific credit requirements for Social Studies based on your chosen endorsement.

**The STAAR End-of-Course (EOC) exam will be given on May 7th, 2020.  Students must pass this state exam for graduation.  



11th & 12th Grade - Comparative Religions, AP Psychology, Psychology, Sociology, Street Law, AP European History, Personal Financial Literacy, AP Capstone Seminar, and AP Capstone Research.


Advanced Placement (AP) Courses:

These courses are taught on a college-level (think of them as a freshman or sophomore level survey class) and include a higher level of critical thinking and rigor as compared to the Pre-AP or regular level classes. Reading and studying for several hours each week is a must for these courses. The purpose of an AP course is to prepare students for an AP exam in May.  If students do well on the AP exam, then they can receive college credit (semester hours) at most colleges and universities in the nation.  For more information on how many credit hours are awarded by specific higher institutions, visit the College Board AP Credit Policy Search webpage.



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