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Attendance & Grades

Attention Students:

Semester 2 is already well underway.  Keep an eye on your attendance. 

Students over in absences may not be eligible for MORP, PROM or Graduation. 

Attendance Information

Attendance Office

  • Hours 8:00 am - 4:45 pm 
  • Main phone: 210-397-4315 
  • Email: warren.attendance@nisd.net 


  • Cut-off time 3:50pm (time subject to changed on early release and testing days)
  • 3 courtesy early pick up's per semester.
  • Medical appointments with Dr. note will not count against courtesy early pick up's.
  • All students, including students 18 years of age or older, must be signed out in the attendance office by guardian/emergency contact and must present ID.

Excuse Notes 

Excuse notes including Dr. notes should be turned in/or emailed within 3 days of absence and must include student's full name, ID number, and periods missed.

VOE for Driver's License

If student meets all requirements, a VOE may be requested by clicking the link below and can be picked up 24 hours after request, either before school or during the students lunch. 


Late Bus Passes

Students will receive a late buss pass if their bus arrives late to campus. Students will be allowed to eat breakfast if needed. The attendance secretary will provide a time stamped late bus pass. Students will need to give the late pass to their 1st period teacher to avoid being marked Tardy/Absence by Tardy. 

  1. UA - Unexcused Absence
  2. EADN - Excused Absence Doctor's Note
  3. EAPN - Excused Absence Parent Note
  4. AT - Absence by Tardy. After 10 min 1st period 5 min periods 2-8
  5. H - Health

All absences count. Students who do not meet the 90% will lose credit.

Appointments must be at the start or end of the school day to be counted as Health and not as an absence. If the student is out the entire day, they are absent.



  • Must have received credit for each class the semester prior. 
  • Must have been in attendance 90% of the time for each class the semester prior. 
  • Must be currently enrolled. 

Plan Ahead:

If student meets all requirements, request must be made within 30 days of the scheduled appointment with DPS.

  • No more than 7 absences in Sem 1 course & 10 in Sem 2 course
  • No more than 17 absences in year long course
  • Excessive Absences will impact participation in Homecoming, Prom, or other school events

Speak to your admin if you have questions.


Attendance and Grades (Home Access Center)

Your username is your email​ address​ and your password ​is ​the temporary password​ you received by email. You will be required to change it ​the ​first time​ you log in. 

Middle School and High School students can access HAC by using their student ID number (with the "s") as the username and their student password. If they do not know their student password, they can speak with the TSS or a teacher at their school.

To request a HAC account or report a problem, complete this online form and a technician will contact you via email or phone within two business days.

Due to data privacy concerns, some third-party "Apps" may not work with NISD's Home Access Center (HAC) (even if the app claims support). Northside can only provide help to those using the official HAC website.

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Attendance Matters

Northside ISD is dedicated to helping students and parents cultivate good attendance habits and make connections with their school as they work toward the ultimate goal of graduation. In Northside, attendance matters for every student at every grade level every day. 

Attendance + Learning = Graduation


How does a student earn class credit?

  • Students need to have a 70 or better average and be in class 90% of the class time to receive credit for a course.
  • A student absent more than 10% of the time will not receive credit for the course regardless of what his/her grade is unless they complete attendance recovery.
  • The State of Texas looks at each individual course separately when determining course credit.
  • The State of Texas considers both excused and unexcused absences when awarding course credit.       

Attendance for Legal Compliance
State Absence Policy 

The Compulsory Attendance Law for credit (Texas Education Code 21.032) states that a student may not be given credit for a course unless the student is in attendance for at least 90% of the days the class is offered.


How do absences affect advancement to the next grade level or graduation?

Texas attendance law in high school, states that a student must attend class at least 90% of the time.

  • For Semester Classes = no more than 9 absences
  • For Year long Classes = no more than 18 absences
  • All absences count regardless if they are excused or unexcused!

Under the law, if a student is absent more than what the law allows, the student automatically fails that class …even if their grades show the student is passing.


How does a student get an absence excused?

If you miss school, a written note must be turned in at the attendance office.  

That note must have the following:

  • Student Name and ID
  • Date of Note
  • Date(s) of the absence
  • Specific reason for the absence
  • Doctor or parent/guardian signature
  • Parent phone number

It is very important your  note is turned in within 3 days of returning to campus after the absence, otherwise the absence remains unexcused.

Excused Vs. Unexcused

Excused Absences could include:

  • Personal Illness
  • Medical Appointments
  • Family funerals
  • Court appointments with a subpoena
  • Truancy court
  • Family emergencies with explanation

Unexcused absences could include:

  • Car trouble/flat tire
  • Missing the bus/ride
  • Oversleeping
  • Renewing a driver’s license
  • Caring for a sibling
  • Busy traffic
  • Notes without pertinent information


Absent by Tardy:

  • Students who arrive after 9:05 am due to tardiness must sign in at the attendance office and receive an Absent by Tardy slip.
  • Students arriving fifteen minutes or more late to a class (2nd-8th) need to report to the attendance office and receive an Absent by Tardy slip.


Attendance Recovery:

  • If you have exceeded the amount of absences allowable to receive course credit you can complete attendance recovery.
  • You need to meet with your administrator or designee to determine the amount of hours you owe.
  • Attendance recovery is hour per hour. Therefore, it is advised to start attendance recovery early.
  • Be aware there will be deadlines set for each semester to complete the necessary hours.  If your documentation is not turned in on/before the deadline, you will not receive credit for the recovery hours and may lose course credit.
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