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Dual Language immersion two-way bilingual program

The NISD dual language immersion two-way bilingual program model in Northside is research-based. The dual language model seeks to create bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural students by developing their academic proficiency in English and Spanish.


Transitional Bilingual academic program

The NISD Transitional Bilingual academic program model teaches the state required Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). The research-based program uses the child’s primary language for instruction as he or she learns the second language (English) and achieves academic success.

ESL Students


• Transitional bilingual/early exit is a bilingual program model in which students identified as English learners are served in both English and another language and are prepared to meet reclassification criteria to be successful in English-only instruction not earlier than two or later than five years after the student enrolls in school. Instructional Approach • This model provides instruction in literacy and academic content through the medium of the students’ primary language, along with instruction in English that targets second language development through academic content.


Dual Language:

At Westwood Terrace Elementary, your child has the opportunity to be bilingual. The dual language program is introduced in kinder and/or first grade. Our highly-qualified teachers instruct students in both the Spanish and English language. 


At the start of the program, there is a higher percent emphasis on building a strong Spanish foundation. With each passing grade level, the percentage of the English instruction increases. Learning two languages at the elementary level is much more attainable than at the middle or high school level. Young children have the ability to gain language faster with near native like language skills. Learning a language at a young age also increases cognitive development, which allows for deeper levels of learning.


By the fifth grade, students are bilingual and biliterate with 50/50 percent instruction. Ask us today about this exemplary program, and open new doors for your child to further their academic and economic success.


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