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Special Education



Our mission is to ensure that educators engage students with disabilities with high-quality, intentional instruction to ensure growth and personal success.



Our students with disabilities will be enabled individuals prepared for personal success.



  • All students with disabilities are general education students first
  • Individual needs, not labels, programs, or places drive decisions for students with disabilities
  • A full continuum of services is assured for all students with disabilities
  • Quality educators hold high expectations and have a growth mindset for all students with disabilities
  • Students with disabilities are the shared responsibility of school leaders, staff, parents, students, and community
  • All students with disabilities will be in positive learning environments guided by engaged and qualified teachers and staff
  • Communication, collaboration, and cooperation are essential to the provision of quality services for students with disabilities

The delivery of quality curriculum and instruction empowers students with disabilities to be meaningfully connected to educational experiences.  

Special Education Contacts 

Karen Camp - Zachry MS Special Education Coordinator - (210) 397-7462

Adapted PE 210-397-2453
Assistive Technology 210-397-2460
Auditory Impairment 210-397-1578
Autism 210-397-8742
Homebound 210-397-8811
OT/PT 210-397-2428
Psychological Services 210-397-3508
Special Education 210-397-8742
Speech/Language 210-397-8751
Visual Impairment  210-397-1578
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