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William J. Brennan Library Program Vision

The Brennan library is the hub of the school, fostering collaborative partnerships, where resources and technology empower achievement and personal goals. William J. Brennan Library Program Mission: The Brennan Library provides a college and career ready environment, that encourages students to become effective users and producers of information.

Brennan Library Program Profile:  The Brennan library inspires students to achieve their academic goals and invokes a sense of pride and encourages the students of Brennan to be the best in the district. The Brennan library provides the students of Brennan a safe and engaging learning environment to ensure their academic success by becoming critical thinkers and effective users of information and ideas, confident researchers, and lifelong readers. The William J. Brennan Library is a state of the art library, with the latest technology, furniture designed for differentiated instruction and flexibility. In today’s society, we have seen an increase in the proliferation of fake news and a decline in research skills. Working with the College and Career Center, the library will teach students at the point of need the research skills necessary to apply for scholarships, compare and contrast colleges and apply to universities. Students will also visit the library to check out resources, conduct research, and engage in lessons that integrate the content they are learning about in their classroom.

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