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Student Parking Permits

Parking Policy/Rules

● All student vehicles must be registered with the Vice Principal’s Office (VPO). A new parking permit must be purchased each school year.

● Parking permits will be sold for $20.00. Eligible students must have a valid Texas driver’s license and provide proof of insurance with the student listed as a driver for the vehicle on campus. (You will need your driver’s license and proof of insurance when you present your completed and signed parking application.)

● A parking permit must be purchased for each vehicle that will be driven on campus. The transfer of parking permits from one vehicle to another is strictly prohibited.

● Return all parking applications to the VPO and allow 5-10 business days to process. Submitting a parking application does not guarantee approval.

● Once a parking permit is purchased, the student must obtain the parking sticker from the campus police officer within 5 school days or the application is voided and the $20.00 fee is forfeited.

● As deemed appropriate by administration, parking privileges may be revoked for the following reasons but not limited to: persistent misbehavior, a major disciplinary infraction, violation of school policy, transporting unauthorized students off campus, speeding, unsafe or reckless driving, evading, or traffic violations.

● Violations may result in the loss of parking privileges. If these privileges are suspended for any length of time, the parking permit will be removed from the student vehicle. A new parking permit must be purchased for $20.00 if the parking privileges are reinstated by administration.

● The issuance of a parking permit is considered a privilege. This privilege may be revoked at the discretion of school administration.

● The max speed limit on campus is 10 miles per hour (mph).

● Parking for students will be strictly limited to the designated student parking areas.

● A student with a fraudulently obtained parking permit may lose their parking privileges indefinitely in addition to other consequences deemed appropriate by administration.

● There will be no loitering in the parking lot before school, after school, during lunches, or at any other time during the school day.

● Students’ vehicles are subject to search if there are reasonable grounds to believe that weapons, drugs, alcohol, stolen property, or any other contraband may be located in the vehicle. • It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that all passengers have administrative permission to leave campus during the school day (i.e. lunch, off periods, etc). Taking an unauthorized student off campus may result in loss of parking permit.

● Consult your Student-Parent Handbook for further information.

● Texas State Traffic Laws will be enforced at all times.

● Parking permit may be revoked at the discretion of School Administration.

● Any moving traffic violations, parking violations, or policy violations may result in administrative consequences (revoke parking privilege, vehicle being towed, etc) and/or a citation by NISD Police Officers or any other law enforcement officer that may be on campus.

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