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Meeting Time & Location
Most Wednesdays

5th graders doing extra art projects, contests, work for Los Leones, Art Fest, and central office displays.

2nd grade Students will work in pairs to design arcade-type games.

Meeting Time & Location
Mondays in February and March

4th and 5th graders practice working as a team to create a chalk composition for a competition at Los Leones on March 26.

Meeting Time & Location
Mid January to Mid April on Tuesdays until 4:00 (cafeteria)

3rd- 5th graders play chess in person and online. Enter the school team into the district tournament for 3rd-5th graders.

Meeting Time & Location
Fall and Spring Wednesday until 4

Students practice singing and perform at various school events.

Meeting Time & Location
Middle of March through Mid May on Mondays until 4:00 (gym/blacktop/field)

5th graders practice disc golf techniques, course play and etiquette. Morning field trip to play at a local disc golf park.

Meeting Time & Location
Spring semester (Tuesday's) 3:30-4:30pm 10 weeks for preservice teachers with 1 make up session at the conclusion for UTSA students who did not complete the required 10 weeks.

2nd grade - max 20 students -Students will learn/use Mayan abacus to complete basic operations such as place value, number representation, addition and subtraction. Other mathematical operations: multiplication, division, find the square root. Students will also learn about culture, play ancient Mayan games, and reflect on their learning with a UTSA preservice teacher.

Meeting Time & Location
2x per month, Oct-May

Butterfly Gardening, Bird Watching, Ecology, Sustainability, 4th and 5th graders.

Meeting Time & Location
Spring Semester February - April (Race Day) Every Friday

5th grade students build engineering skills as they work in teams to design and build a working solar car model. Students will apply science knowledge, creativity, and determination to complete this engineering task.

Students work together to complete STEM challenges.

Meeting Time & Location
Fall and Spring Tues and Thurs until 4:15

Students will learn how to hold a violin or viola properly. They will perform mid and end of year as well as with middle school.

Meeting Time & Location
Tuesdays- January and February

Space-ScienceĀ Curriculum

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