Cable Elementary


Ransom Reed Cable 1834-1909
In the 1950s and 1960s, elementary schools in Northside typically were named for the subdivisions or the general area in which they were located. Cable opened in 1958, and its name was derived from its general location (i.e., the Cable Ranch area). The architectural plaque lists the school as Cable Elementary, as do early school directories and other documents.

The Cable Ranch area was named for local landowner and railroad tycoon Ransom Reed Cable. Born in Illinois in 1834, Cable spent most of his career as a businessman. He donated waterworks land in Rock Island, Illinois, and made many other generous contributions to his community throughout the years.

Cable acquired territory in San Antonio while serving as President of the Pacific Railway Railroad Company. Expansion of the railway brought him from Illinois to South Texas. It is not known whether he once owned the land where Cable Elementary now sits.

Ransom Reed Cable passed away on Nov. 12, 1909. The old Cable "Victorian" Ranch in San Antonio that was left to his family was purchased by Tom Slick and became the first site of Southwest Research Institute.
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