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Bell schedule

 Regular ScheduleEarly Release
1st9:00 - 9:509:00 - 9:25
2nd9:55 - 10:509:30 - 9:55
3rd10:55 - 11:4510:00 - 10:25
4th11:50 - 12:4010:30 - 10:55
5th12:45 - 1:3511:00 - 11:25
6th1:40 - 2:3011:30 - 11:55
7th2:35 - 3:2512:00 - 12:25
8th3:30 - 4:2012:30 - 1:00

Phone list

Administration (210) 397-5174

Counseling  (210) 397-5182

Intervention Specialist/Student Success Advisors


  • (210) 397-5202
  • (210) 397-5158


  • Advanced Placement (210) 397-5175
  • Cafeteria (210) 397-5185
  • College/Career Readiness (210) 397-5171
  • Dual Credit (210) 397-5192
  • HUB (210) 397-5237
  • Library (210) 397-5184
  • Nurse (210) 397-5159
  • Registrar (210) 397-5188
  • Section 504 (210) 397-5222
  • Special Education (210) 397-5229


  • Athletics (210) 397-5210
  • Band (210) 397-5240
  • Choir (210) 397-5242
  • Cougarettes (210) 397-5273
  • Drama (210) 397-5283
  • JROTC (210) 397-5245
  • Orchestra (210) 397-5241




Wed, Oct 13

PSAT (10th & 11th) & SAT (12th)

Dec 7 - Dec 10


Feb 7 - Mar 28

TELPAS Assessment Window

Mar 28 - Apr 28

STAAR Alt 2 Assessment Window

Tue, Apr 5


Thu, Apr 7


Wed, Apr 27

SAT (11th)

Mon, May 2

AP AM: United States Government and Politics 

AP PM: Spanish Literature and Culture 

Tue, May 3


AP AM: Environmental Science

AP PM: Psychology 

Wed, May 4


AP AM: English Literature and Composition

AP PM: Computer Science A 

Thu, May 5

AP AM: Human Geography 

AP PM: Statistics

Fri, May 6


AP AM: European History / United States History  

AP PM: Art History / Microeconomics

Mon, May 9

AP AM: Calculus AB / Calculus BC 

AP PM: Computer Science Principles

Tue, May 10

AP AM: English Language and Composition 

AP PM: Physics C-Mechanics / Physics C-Electricity and Magnetism 

Wed, May 11

AP AM: Spanish Language and Culture 

AP PM: Biology 

Thu, May 12

AP AM: French Language and Culture / World History-Modern

AP PM: Physics 1: Algebra-Based 

Fri, May 13

AP AM: German Language and Culture 

AP PM: Latin / Physics 2-Algebra-Based 

Jun 21 - Jun 24



Important Attendance Info

  1. Students do not need to sign in at the Attendance office when arriving late, they will simply go directly to their class to be coded by their teacher.
  2. Excuse notes must be turned in to the attendance office within 3 days of the student’s return to campus.  We are unable to process any excuse notes outside of the grading period in which they occurred. Excuse notes may be submitted in person to the Attendance window or via email to the Clark Attendance Secretaries or by fax.  All notes are date stamped on the date they are received to ensure compliance with this policy. 
  3. Any student who is able to drive themselves and needs to leave early from campus for the appointment must have a parent email the Clark Attendance Secretaries permission for the student to leave campus and email must be received no later than 2 hours prior to the departure time. Time of departure must be included in the request.   We are unable to take verbal requests.  
  4. Only students who are driving themselves and have a written permission on file for the departure date are able to sign themselves out.  All other early departures require a parent to sign the student out and provide a photo id. 
  5. If a student believes there has been an error made in their attendance they should reach out to the teacher for the class for which they are marked incorrectly and the teacher will either correct the attendance if an error is found or they will email the attendance office to correct the error.

Absence codes explained

  1. Student has been marked absent for the entire class period or the student has been marked absent to class for a late arrival exceeding the permitted time lapse allowed and no excuse note has been provided.

UT- Student has been marked tardy and they have received a tardy notice at the tardy station

EAPN- Absence excused by a parent note submitted validating the absence as required.

EADN- Full Day absence excused by a note from a healthcare professional validating the absence as medically necessary

H- An absence for a class period or consecutive periods not totaling the entire school day that has been validated by a note from a healthcare professional. – This absence does not affect a student’s class credit for the excused period.

Covid Attendance Information

We have received additional information regarding COVID or suspected COVID related absences directly from the district.

As with any illness, if your student is sent home by the nurse, your student's absence for that day will be coded as a nurse release for the remainder of the day.  The following day, should your student need to remain at home, will be counted as an unexcused absence pending a parent or doctor's note.  Keep in mind, absences excused by dr. note or parent note still count towards the 8 absences allowed per semester.

If your student receives a diagnosis from a healthcare provider that is not COVID, your student may return to campus on the date of release provided by the healthcare professional.

If your student is COVID positive, as indicated by a positive PCR test, you must reach out to our campus clinic to receive further information and to be categorized as quarantined and thus provide your student with learning and attendance support during their extended absence.  Only students with a positive PCR test are eligible for remote attendance support.

In general, students should be on campus unless they are symptomatic, unvaccinated living with a COVID positive person and/ or COVID positive themselves.

We continue to receive directives from our Main office and health services to ensure the safety of all our students and we will continue to relay this information to you as it becomes available.


Texas School Law states that students must be in attendance at least 90% of the time to receive credit for a course.

Students may not miss more than seven (7) absences in the Fall and ten (10) absences in the Spring or 18 days for a year-long course.
Instead of nine (9) days to a first-semester course, nine (9) days to a second-semester course.  This includes both Excused and Unexcused absences.  The only exceptions to this policy are Health, School Business, College Visit (2 days per year – Juniors and Seniors only) absences.

A student will NOT receive credit for a course if he/she exceeds the number of allowable absences. 

Please be advised that if a student is absent without an excuse for 3 or more days or parts of days in a four-week period, or 10 or more days within a six-month period, the student’s parents and/or the student are subject to prosecution under the Texas Education Code after a Truancy Warning Notice is issued.

For further explanation of attendance, refer to your Student/Parent Handbook.


Attendance Recovery is a means for students to recover absences accrued during the school year.  

An Attendance Recovery plan is still being developed. More details to come.


If a student must be checked out of school for a Medical/Dental Appointment or other planned event, etc., - a parent/guardian can send a note with the student specifying the time you will be picking up the student.  The student will turn in this note prior to 8:45 a.m. to the Attendance Office.  The student will be given a pass to leave class at the specified time and will be waiting in the Attendance Office for pick up.  The parent/guardian must sign out the student in the Attendance Office and show valid photo identification before leaving campus with the student.

Please allow time in your schedule for the Attendance Office to retrieve your student from their class.  (Students could be testing, in Athletics, or in a Lab)

If a student becomes ill at school, he/she needs to report to the school nurse.  The nurse will determine if he/she needs to be excused due to illness.  The parent/guardian will be contacted, asked to come, and sign out the student in the Attendance Office.  If the student is sent home by the nurse, this is considered an excused absence for the remainder of the day.  Subsequent absences will need a parent note in order to be excused.  Should the nurse choose not to send a student home due to illness and the parent chooses to sign out their student, this is an unexcused absence until a parent note is received.


A student is considered Tardy for the first 10 minutes of their 1st-period class and must report to the Tardy Booth for a pass to class.  

A student is considered Tardy for the first 5 minutes of their 2nd – 8th-period classes and must report to the Tardy Booth for a pass to class.  They will receive a UT (unexcused tardy) on their attendance report.

 After a student receives 5 or more tardies in one calendar month, the student will be required to attend the following:

5th tardy – 30 min Lunch D-Hall (detention)
6th tardy – 1 hour Lunch D-hall
7th tardy -  1  hour After School D-hall 
8th tardy - 1 hour After School D-Hall & Loss of Off-Campus Lunch 
9th tardy - 1 hour After School D-Hall & Overnight Suspension (Parent/Administrator conference required for student to resume/attend classes).
10th tardy - ISS (In-School Suspension) & Overnight Suspension (Parent/Administrator conference required for students to resume/attend classes).  
11th tardy - Administrator discretion

Students more than 10 minutes late to a 1st-period class or more than 5 minutes late to a 2nd-8th period class, must sign in at the Attendance Office and receive a pass to class.  

Students are considered Absent by Tardy (AT) for the period.  An Absence by Tardy counts towards their attendance under the compulsory attendance law.


personal illness
family funerals
medical appointments (doctor's note preferred)
court appointments with a subpoena
religious holidays (approved by NISD) with documentation
family emergencies - Parent/Guardian must contact their child's administrator to determine if a family emergency will be excused


car trouble/flat tire
missing the bus/ride
initial or renewing a driver’s license
caring for a family member or taking them to a Dr. appointment
family or personal business
busy traffic
court appointments for traffic violations
notes without all pertinent information
a confirmed truancy


If a student is absent from school, even for just one class/period, he/she must bring a note to the Attendance Office within 3 days of returning to school.
Notes received after the 3 days will be coded UAP (Unexcused Absence – Parent Contacted).
The notes can be turned in before 8:45 a.m. or during lunches.  Notes can also be faxed to the Attendance Office fax (210) 561-5250.
An ‘Attendance Cover for Notes’ is included under the Attendance Forms section for your convenience.


A student who has a health care appointment will not be marked as absent and will receive a ‘Health’ or ‘H’ excuse if all of the following criteria are met:

The student is present for at least part of the day (comes to school and checks out early or comes to school after a medical appointment and reports to the Attendance Office upon returning).
Documentation from the health care professional confirming the appointment is turned in within 3 days of returning to school.
Attendance Office will decide approval for the ‘H’ excuse.
Teachers CANNOT change an absence to an ‘H’ excuse.  This can only be done by the attendance secretary.

If a student is gone all day for a medical appointment, he/she will receive an excused absence with a doctor note (EADN), not an ‘H’, with the proper documentation.  These notes must also be brought into the Attendance Office upon the student’s return to school within 3 days; otherwise, the absence will remain unexcused(UA).

Health care notes can be faxed from the doctor’s office to the Attendance Office at (210) 561-5250.

Parents should monitor ‘Parent Connection’ to ensure receipt of the health care note from the Doctor’s office.


If a student has an extraordinary circumstance (i.e. a hospital stay due to an emergency illness) and missed 4 or more consecutive days, the student may apply for an Attendance Waiver so that these absences are not counted against the student for credit.  In order to apply for an Attendance Waiver, a student must:

Pick up an Attendance Waiver application from the Attendance Office.
Complete the form and provide copies of all documentation (copies of excused medical notes) supporting reason(s) for the absences and return them to the attendance Administrator within 5 days of returning to school.
The Attendance committee meets the last week of each 6 week grading period and will determine if the Attendance Waiver can be granted.


Juniors and Seniors are allowed to go on college visits as long as these visits are given prior approval, documented and do not exceed 2 school days per school year, college visits (CV) are considered excused absences.  Any days missed for college visits in excess of 2 days per school year will not be excused.  For seniors, the 2 days of college visits will not count toward the maximum of 3 absences allowed to be eligible for exam exemptions as long as proper documentation is provided.

The student will need to pick up a college visit form in the Attendance Office, the form needs to be signed by their teachers, counselor and parent at least 3 days prior to the college visitation day.  The student is responsible for making up missed work.  The completed form is turned into the Attendance Office before the student leaves on the college visitation. 

Upon returning to Clark High School, the student needs to submit to the Attendance Office signed evidence of the college visit which includes the student's name and date of the visit on college letterhead.


Obtaining missed assignments during an absence:

For absences less than 3 days, the student can email their teacher or obtain the assignments upon their return to school.
For absences over 3 days, the parent/guardian can email the teachers or contact (210) 397-5150 to request homework to be available for pick-up by 4:30 p.m. in the Attendance Office the next day.  Please allow 24 hours notice.


School Messenger is an automated phone call generated when a student is absent from at least one class.  It calls the number determined by the parent/guardian to communicate with them if their child misses a class.  If a parent/guardian feels the need to have this number changed for more accurate communication (i.e.: cell or work phone), the parent should visit ‘Parent Connection’ to update their student’s phone numbers, view attendance, grades, set text or email alerts. 


To qualify each semester:

The student must have no more than 5 excused absences their prior semester.
The student must have passed all TAKS/EOC.
The student must have passed all classes prior semester.
Students must have a Jr/Sr Off-Campus Lunch Application signed by the parent/guardian on file.


Students leaving campus for off-campus lunch must be back by the required time. Students who come back to campus late may lose off-campus lunch privileges.
Students may not visit other campuses.
Students who have off-campus lunch must present his/her ID to school personnel in order to leave campus.
Students with off-campus lunch privileges may not transport students who do not have off-campus lunch privileges. Drivers are responsible for knowing the status of any passengers in their car.
The following records will be reviewed at the end of the fall and spring semester to check for continued eligibility: attendance, grades, TAKS scores, and discipline.
This privilege can be withdrawn by an administrator for tardies, truancy or misbehavior, or if the student is late to class following lunch or intentionally takes friends off-campus.


Verification of Enrollment and Attendance Form

If a student who is under 18 wishes to obtain the TEA Verification of Enrollment and Attendance Form in order to earn a Texas Instructional Driver’s Permit, receive a Texas Driver’s License or renew a Texas Driver’s License, he/she must be in attendance for at least 90% of the days classes are offered.

To receive the completed form, sign up with the Clark High School Counselor's Secretary.  The attendance secretary will review the student’s attendance to determine if the student qualifies for the VOE Form.  If approved, the completed form will be available for pick up the next school day.


Parent/legal guardian wishing to withdraw their student from Clark High School, due to a move or change in schools, must complete the appropriate paperwork at the Student Withdrawal Office.  A Withdrawal Documentation Form will need to be completed.

Students need to have all textbooks, library books, all uniforms (JROTC, Band, Choir, Cheerleading, Dance, and Sports Team uniforms) and equipment turned in and be clear of all fines and fees.

If you have any questions or want to notify us of a Withdrawal, please call 210-397-5150.


Seniors can be exempt from their 2nd-semester final exam for a specific course if they meet all of the 4 following conditions:

The Senior has 3 or fewer days of absence during the 2nd semester.  Excused, Unexcused, Suspensions and Waived absences are included in the 3 absences.  However, School Business (SB), Health (H), College Visit (CV-only 2 days per school year) absences are NOT included.  Please note that each type of absence requires proper documentation to be accepted.
The Senior is passing the entire school year of a full year, one-credit course.
The Senior’s 2nd-semester average is 80 or better.
The Senior’s conduct grade for the 2nd semester must be ‘Satisfactory’ or better.
Seniors who are exempt from final exams are not exempt from being counted absent from school.  Seniors who are exempt from taking finals but are not in attendance will be marked absent.  These absences will be considered excused absences.  These absences will not be held against exempt seniors for purposes of perfect attendance recognition at graduations.  These absences will not negate their exemptions from exams (due to more than 3 absences).

A student who is eligible for exemption may take the exam if she/he desires.

Students who have been assigned to the Alternative School during the current semester are ineligible for exemptions.

Please refer to the Student/Parent Handbook page B-16.

Here are some simple guidelines as reminders for proper attire. 

• Straps on shoulders must be at least wide enough to cover undergarment straps. A suggested  strap width is two inches wide. (If we see an undergarment, then the strap is too thin.) • No tube tops/strapless shirts/blouses that come off the shoulder. 

• No racer-back type shirt, as they tend to reveal undergarments. 

• No tank tops or sleeveless undershirts (boys) to be worn alone. Boys can wear tank tops as long as  there is a shirt underneath.  

• No bare midriffs, including when arms are raised, will be acceptable. 

• Shorts/skirts/dresses must be of an appropriate length which is no shorter than four inches  above the knee.  

• No baggy or sagging pants (should not be able to see undergarments).  

• No torn or frayed skirts, shorts or jeans. (Should not see any skin four inches above the knee.) • No pajama bottoms or house slippers. 

• No clothing with suggestive symbols, language, and/or images of offensive nature.  • All other guidelines listed in the handbook will be enforced.

The campus administration, may have additional dress or grooming regulations that are campus specific.  Final determination of acceptable dress and grooming rests with the principal or his/her designee.  

If a student is found to be out of dress code by the Clark administration the following steps will be  taken: 

1. Students will be allowed to change into other clothing he/she may have brought to school or  stored in a locker. (Gym lockers are not available for this process)  

2. Students will also be allowed to have items brought to school for them to wear if they are found  to be out of dress code. If there will be a long wait we may proceed to #3. 

3. If a student cannot change or have an item brought to school to change into, they will be given  clothing to wear by the Clark administration if available. 

4. If the student refuses to change they will be placed in ISS for the remainder of the day. 

Several violations will result in a parent conference with a principal and/or ISS.

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