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Dual Credit

What college credit programs are available?

  • Dual Credit affiliated with Northwest Vista College
    • Earn up to 42 college credits or 14 courses
    • Requires Apply Texas Application
    • Eligible with passing TSI Test scores or PSAT scores
  • Advanced Placement affiliated with College Board
    • No limit on course enrollment
    • No application required
    • Must register & pay for AP exam to earn college credit with a score of 3 or higher
    • Must submit AP scores to eligible colleges or universities
  • OnRamps affiliated with University of Texas
    • Students do coursework designed by college professors through the same online platforms they will use in college
    • Earn two separate grades for college & high school
    • Low risk
      • Students have the option to decline the course letter grade at the end of the year
      • Students accepting credit will have coursework on a UT transcript
    • No limit on course enrollment (suggest a max of 2 per year)
    • No application required
    • Each course has its own prerequisites
    • May require TSI or SAT test to maintain eligibility

Dual Credit Courses at Communications Arts 2020-2021

Dual Credit Courses at Taft High School 202-2021

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