Spanish is the second most spoken language in the U.S., and it is widely spoken here in San Antonio.  We believe it is important to learn the language that will benefit students in any field of study they choose to pursue.  But in order to achieve a good foundation of the Spanish language, students should take more than the two years required for graduation.  Therefore, students at Communications Arts take a minimum of three years.  And according to the Texas Education Agency, students can receive a Performance Acknowledgement in Bilingualism and Biliteracy on their transcript.  Our goal is to give our students an advantage in seeking university acceptances and scholarships, and make them more desirable in the workforce.

Our Spanish classes at Communications Arts are rigorous, but entertaining and filled with projects.  Student work is proudly displayed throughout the school.  We provide many activities focusing on the skills of speaking, writing, reading, and listening, while incorporating the technology students learn in other classes.  Since our students have participated in the Albricias Literary Contests, they have received national recognition through awards from La Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica.  They have won multiple times in the categories of poetry and graphic art, indicating the strength of our language program and the excellence of our inspiring students.


  • Advanced Spanish 2
  • Advanced Spanish 3 (dual credit available)
  • AP Spanish 3
  • AP Spanish 4
  • Advanced Spanish 5 or AP Spanish 5
  • Advanced Spanish 6
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