Group of international visitors and students.



Walking through the halls of Communications Arts before school starts is an entertaining spectacle. Convivial colleagues huddle around laptops, electronic glows warming their faces, while their classmates gather nearby deep in study, preparing for upcoming exams or presentations.

During class time, the school may look unconventional to an observer. Crews of ambitious, camera-wielding students coalesce in the quiet hallways, busy filming for the weekly video broadcast, distilling the culture of the school into comedy skits or news packages. Lunch time is heavily scheduled with club meetings, tutoring sessions, open labs and socializing in the outdoor classroom. And some of the school’s favorite events, such as Turkey Fest and Earth Day, take place during memorable lunch periods when clubs offer food booths and competitive fun.

Above all it’s a safe environment: sports equipment, sweaters and even electronic gadgets can be forgotten on school benches one day and found untouched in the same spot the next morning. “Everyone knows everyone” is the trite but true way we describe the communal atmosphere that envelops our campus.





Student Council--General Meetings Mr. Harris and Mr. Trevino TBD TBD
Student Council--Officer Meetings Mr. Harris and Mr. Trevino TBD TBD
Film Club Mrs. Sabogal and Ms. Cleveland TBD TBD
E-Sports Mrs. Sabogal TBD TBD
Helping Hands Club Mrs. Frias TBD TBD
National Honor Society Mr. Rosser and Ms. Barrera TBD TBD
Spanish National Honor Society Ms. Driggers


Black Student Union Ms. Cody and Mrs. Lee TBD TBD
Fellowship of Faith Ms. Villarreal TBD TBD
Pride Club   TBD TBD
Skills USA Ms. Sabogal TBD TBD
Commie Lit Club Mr. Polinard TBD TBD
UIL Academics Mrs. Davern TBD TBD
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